Theseus, work experience with lemon house photography

Work Experience With The Lemon House Photography

wedding photographer cheltenhamP I NMonday

My first day of work experience with the lemon house photography. As you can see, I have been busy taking photographs of the ‘lemon house photography’ memory sticks and cases, in which couples will receive their images. These three pictures were taken to illustrate the “what to expect” page, click here ( )to see which one made the final cut.
wedding photographer cheltenhamP I N

wedding photographer cheltenhamP I NAlso, luckily for me (and hopefully for you as well), I have started this daly blog ; sharing with you, the photographs and experiences of my weeklong work experience. I hope you enjoy it.



Everything is being digitalised nowadays, from books, to shops and even your walks in the park (thanks to the internet phenomena that is Pokemon go). And now the lemon house forms are being digitalised. Thanks to this mornings endeavours you will soon, not have to send numerous paper pages  to and fro, but instead be able to fill them out online. Not only is this far more convenient but you can feel good about yourself knowing that you are saving paper and therefor the planet.

I learnt something new today … flash photography. Armed with the Canon 600EX-RT speed light and a very —— tutorial from Paul , we set off to Jolly Nice in search of great photographs (and a spot of lunch). Below you can see the images that I took while experimenting with experience with the lemon house photography wedding photographer Gloucestershire P I N


Today on my work experience for the lemon house photography, it is now time to put my skills to the test, by showing off the beauty of the wedding albums. For this task, Paul let me use
his impressive collection of lenses, as I attempted to show of the quality of the book full of photographs with my own photographs:Work experience with the lemon house photography , album photographP I NWork experience with the lemon house photography , album photographP I N


Lights! Camera! Action… Welcome  to the world of lighting. Today has been quite a learning curve for my studio portraiture, in which I actually learned how to light the model. In summary, when you are lighting a person there are two types of light : Hard light and soft light, and for flattering portraits you want to use the latter (with a soft box).

There also happen to be two main ways to position your lights: Broad lighting and Short lighting. Each of these produce different effects when applied to the model. As you can see from these pictures of Paul :


Work experience with the lemon house photography , lighting setupsP I NSHORT LIGHTING-

Work experience with the lemon house photography , lighting setupsP I NAs you can see each has a different feel to it, and Short lighting is considered to be the most flattering when photographing someone. Also each of these pictures was produced using just one soft-box (and a camera), simple but effective.


Making a signing board was the first task off the day. For those of you who are not either wedding photographers or newlyweds, a signing board is a framed photograph of  an engaged couple that has a large border for wedding guests and well-wishers to sign. These presents are created in a complex proses that includes: deconstructing a frame and reconstructing it, using special mount board that can be signed,  all whilst remembering to include the picture of the happy couple for whom it is intended in the middle.

This particular signing board is destined for a wedding taking place tomorrow (23/7/16), and that means that preparations have to be made. These preparations consist of, meticulously cleaning every lens and cameras that will be used, formatting the multiple memory cards, changing the many batteries, packing up all the gear, and gently ensuring that everything is in good working condition for the big day.

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