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Monday 6th July 2015

My names Jess and I am spending my week of work experience here at ‘The lemon house photography’. This is going to be a diary for me to write about the things I learn and experiences I have whilst I am here. Today which is my first day, I learnt how to use manual function on my camera and about the exposure triangle. I was then set a task of taking photos of wedding products around the house, which I then edited on the program Lightroom after being introduced to it. My second task was  to look through a couples wedding photos from last year and chose a selection which I felt best represented that wedding. I then took these photo’s and turned them into collages which will then be used on the websites blog which can be seen here.

D64A5131P I N
CollageP I N

The bear of Rodborough wedding captured by The lemon house wedding photographyP I N



Tuesday 7th July 2015

Today I was given the task of going through a couples wedding photos and selecting a number of photos which I felt told the story of the day. The pictures were then turned into a slideshow and given back to the couple. You can watch my video here:

Later on in the day, I edited an engagement shoot using lightroom again and explored a number of editing features and effects. The images will then be delivered to the couple on a gallery via the website. The collage below contains some of the edits I did today.CollageP I N


Wednesday 8th July 2015

This morning I went outside to take photographs in which I practised overexposing and overpowering the sun whilst using flash on the subject which is a new technique that i have now learnt.

In my first attempt I have exposed the brightest part of the image which in this case is the sky. I then took the picture, because I have not used a flash gun on Paul, the sun has silhouetted him. In my second attempt I added the flash gun to the camera which gave me the final results I wanted. However, if I hadn’t got the effect I wanted I could either turn up the power on the flash gun or use two flash guns.


Over powering the sunP I N

Later on in the day me and Paul went on a walk to Harefield Beacon. Whilst we were there I took Paul’s picture which will eventually end up on his website and explored landscapes using a super wide angle lens which is 10/20mm in HDR mode.

CollageP I N

At the end of the day i selected some new images for the front of the website, which we exported from lightroom at the required size and loaded on to Pauls website. You can see our work here:


Thursday 9th July 2015

This morning I have made another slideshow which will then be given back to the couple. You can watch my video here:

Me and Paul then went for lunch with wedding suppliers one of whom was living the area, so I took group portrait of them. Aswell as this I also walked around the local area and took some photographs using the 100mm macro lens.

UntitledP I N


CollageP I N


Friday 10th July 2015

On my last day, I have created another slideshow which will then be given back to the couple. You can watch my video here:

Further on in the day me and Paul went outside to do work with the reflectors, LED lights and the flash guns with an umbrella attachment. We briefly also looked at light modifiers for flash guns including a beauty dish and a snoot.

This afternoon we came inside and did some studio work demonstrating short lighting, broad lighting and full lighting. After taking the photographs we then edited using lightroom. Here are my examples of the different lighting techniques:


Short lighting – Lighting is on the short side of the face.


D64A5308-2P I N


Broad lighting- Broad side of the face is lit up.

D64A5309-2P I N


Full lighting- Even light.

D64A5312-2P I N


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