This isn't a post about why you should book a wedding photographer...

...that comes later in another post. What this is are five reasons why I would want to have the full story of a wedding day captured and indeed why we did at our wedding.

Our wedding was 18 years ago, but at that time we still wanted a story of our day - not just the ceremony, family group shots and the first dance. 

We wanted to be able to look back at the photos from that day and remember the day as it unfolded. With the pictures of our wedding, my wife and I can do just that - and we can do more.

Flowergirl getting ready

Firstly, by "the story", I mean documented shots of all sorts of things that happen right from the morning of the wedding at bridal prep through until well after the first dance.

Having your wedding day captured by a professional wedding photographer has many benefits, of course. Below are just five reasons why I believe you should have your whole day story told through photography.

1) It is a day in time captured in time forever for you to look back on and enjoy for the rest of your lives.

2) You get to relive your wedding day almost minute by minute again. It is amazing, when walking through photographs with family or friends, whether it be an online gallery, a wedding album or even a phone just how many memories and stories from the day come flooding back.

3) You are the main characters in this story. You can look back on with pride as a couple, reminiscing and proudly showing off your beautiful wedding day. You get to see behind the scenes; for example, the Groom can see what happened during bridal prep, the Bride can see the Groom getting ready and greeting guests, you can both see guests reactions when the Bride walks down the aisle.

Bridesmaids emotional

4) It forms a social history, a snapshot in time for you, your family and your extended family. In the future, some of these people will not be here. Still, they will live on as memories captured at your wedding. A real valuable piece of family history.

5) It will also no doubt be an endless source of amusement (and begrudged interest) for any future teenage children you may have!

There you go, it makes sense, do you agree? So do think about having your whole day captured for you, for your family and for your friends to enjoy. Be a part of creating an entry in your families' history books.

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"Life is a book. We fill the pages."

—Victoria Valentine

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